COMPLETE YOUR CAMPOOZ. Our trailer tent accessories make camping even more enjoyable. Want to enhance the appearance? Outdoor mat! Off-road ambitions? Shock absorbers! Improve your sleeping experience? Topper! Planning to do some cooking? Campooz kitchen! Fancy yourself a true chef? Add a base cabinet! Available at the Campooz dealer.

COMPLETE YOUR CAMPOOZ. Our trailer tent accessories make camping even more enjoyable. Want to enhance the appearance? Outdoor mat! Off-road ambitions? Shock absorbers! Improve your sleeping experience? Topper! Planning to do some cooking? Campooz kitchen! Fancy yourself a true chef? Add a base cabinet! Available at the Campooz dealer.

bamboe traptreden

The bamboo steps add a touch of beauty to the interior of your trailer tent. The natural appearance of bamboo complements the tent canvas seamlessly. But there’s more! Stepping in and out of your king-size bed is now a comfortable experience for your feet. You can effortlessly move up and down the steps with more space to place your feet. Quickly attach the three steps to the aluminium ladder. A practical, durable, and stylish addition to your trailer tent accessories.
From 89,-

binnenmat met profiel

The indoor mat is practical and adds a dash of style to your interior. The combination of white and blue creates a fresh look that complements the trailer tent. The pattern is beautiful, and the mat is designed to seamlessly fit into your Campooz Trailer Tent. As you find yourself in nature, chances are you’ll bring in dirt, but no worries—the mat is made of easy-to-clean materials. It feels soft and comfortable underfoot, and the mat comes in a handy storage bag for added convenience. Ideal!
From 69,-


The outdoor mat is easy to clean and is the perfect foundation for styling your trailer tent. With its double-sided design, you can choose between a white and blue side. Do you choose white or blue? The choice is yours. Since camping can often be muddy, it’s convenient that the outdoor mat is easy to clean. Spills, dirt, and dust—easy to remove. It is custom-made to fit precisely under your awning and comes with a handy storage bag.
From 99,-

anti condensmat

Optimal comfort with the Anti-Condensation Mat. Specially tailored to fit under your luxurious Campooz mattress. Camping in humid conditions can cause condensation. To prevent dampness, place a mat under the mattress and ensure proper ventilation in the tent. The Anti-Condensation Mat acts as a barrier between the mattress and the cold ground, minimising condensation. Sleep tight!
From 89,-


Embark on carefree and secure camping trips with our integrated hitch lock. Your trailer tent is a valuable investment to explore beautiful places. But aside from all the adventures, safety is a crucial aspect to pay attention to. Protect your precious camping gear and trailer tent accessories with a hitch lock from Campooz. The hitch lock prevents anyone from coupling your camping gear to their tow bar. Made of sturdy material, giving you peace of mind during your camping adventures.
From 49,-

extra trekking luifel

Expand your living space with the Extra Trekking Awning. Zip the awning to your front tent for additional sheltered space to relax, cook, eat, or enjoy the outdoors. It also provides extra shade and protection against rain. The awning is so easy to attach that you remain flexible in arranging your camping spot. You can easily zip it to the front tent and just as quickly take it down. Thanks to its looks, living under the Extra Trekking Awning and Trekking awning keeps you connected with nature.
From 579,-


Cooking with Campooz! The kitchen is perfectly styled for your trailer tent and designed to fit into your trailer. You unfold the legs when you don’t want to use the kitchen on the tailgate. Behind the zippers, there is space for all your kitchen essentials. Need more space? Consider the kitchen base cabinet. The kitchen includes a splash guard, hidden in a compartment at the back and fits precisely on the bamboo top. Ready for delightful camping meals!
From 379,-

keuken onderkast

Camping with a large family or fancy yourself a true chef? You might need more space in your Campooz kitchen. The special kitchen base cabinet is the solution, doubling your space. Attach the base cabinet to the kitchen effortlessly. Enjoy your dishes!
From 109,-

kogel fietsendrager

Heading to the bakery for fresh bread, exploring picturesque villages, or venturing into the woods with your mountain bike? You can do it with this trailer tent accessory on the tow bar. Attach a bike rack to the ball, and voilà—your bike can now join you on your camping trip.
From 155,-


At Campooz, we like things neat and tidy. That’s why we designed the Organizer to fit perfectly under the ladder to the bed of every trailer tent model. You can store many items in the pockets that might otherwise clutter the tent. Slippers, magazines, sunscreen, games… you name it! It all fits into the Organizer, which you attach with Velcro. Handy and organised.
From 169,-

vouwwagen reservewiel

Whether travelling through vast landscapes or exploring the winding roads of mountainous areas, the spare wheel for your trailer tent is your reliable companion in case of unexpected issues. With a spare wheel, you’re always prepared to hit the road again.
From 289,-

vouwwagen schokbreker

The shock absorber set is ideal for making driving your trailer tent behind your car more enjoyable. It improves road handling and stability, making your adventures safer. With shock absorbers, your trailer tent passes the Tempo 100 inspection in Germany. This allows you to drive at 100 km/h instead of 80 km/h. Get where you want to go a little faster!
From 189,-

slot achterklep

Your camping gear and personal belongings are under lock and key with the lock for the tailgate. Ideal for when the trailer tent is out of sight for a longer period of time. The sturdy lock keeps the tailgate securely closed, while making it easy to open when access is needed. Your belongings are safe.
From 49,-

tafel met lectuurnet

Complete your camping experience with the Campooz camping table. The bamboo top is stylish and matches well with Freddy, Jack, Joe, Ruby and Luna. The aluminium frame is sturdy and stable, even on uneven surfaces. The table legs are adjustable in height. For a casual night, set the table low; for a formal meal, set it high. Attach the magazine net under the table to store your magazines, newspapers, or other small items within reach. Fold the table and take it with you in the convenient carry bag.
From 189,-

matras topper

Want to sleep even more comfortably on the king-size bed in your trailer tent? Treat yourself and choose the topper for the mattress. Whether you’re sleeping under the stars or surrounded by the tranquillity of nature, a good night’s sleep is essential, even on vacation. This topper provides extra support and relaxation.
From 245,-

Set up in turbo speed, as you only need one pole. Zip the awning to the main tent, place the pole, tighten the guy line, and you’re done! You can set it up just as quickly as you break down the Turbo Awning. This trailer tent accessory ensures a dry entrance and an awning where you can cook should it rain. An ideal accessory for when you’re frequently on the move or staying somewhere for just one night.
From 379,-

safari uitbreiding

Transform your Trekking awning with the Safari expansion. Zip the mesh walls to both sides and the front of the awning. This allows you to sit comfortably outside the tent without being bothered by insects. The mesh walls block the sun and provide sufficient ventilation. Bring on that breeze!
From 450,-

zelfopblazend matras

CSleep comfortably on the Self-Inflating Mattress. Need some air? Use the storage bag as a pump! The mattress is 6 cm thick, ensuring a good night’s sleep.
From 89,-

ugly betty tent

Our lovely lady provides two extra sleeping places for Fred, Jack & Joe. Do the children no longer want to stay in the tent trailer with mom and dad? Then you just put Ugly Betty next to it. This nice tent is part of our flexible camping system.
From 474,-